May 18, 2022 in Features

Controlling the Choice: Abortion and the One-Child Policy in China

Few topics trigger a more intense debate throughout the world than abortion. The mere mention of this subject invites a litany of conflicting opinions. For some, the word signifies freedom…
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May 3, 2022 in Features

China’s Blue Gold: Mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

After winning the 2019 election, Democratic Republic of the Congo Pres. Félix Tshisekedi promised to use the country’s vast wealth of cobalt, copper and other minerals to develop the largely…
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May 2, 2022 in Features

“Homecoming”: Upcoming Novel Reimagines Chinese Art Heists

The threads that wove their way into Stanford medical school student Grace D. Li’s much-lauded debut novel “Portrait of a Thief” began to weave together out in a series of…
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February 15, 2022 in Features

Morris’ Journey to the West: Importing Chinese Culture through Storytelling

It’s hard to resist his soft fur and stubby legs. His wings are wide and covered in colorful scales of green, blue, and purple underneath. When he looks at you,…
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January 18, 2022 in Features

A Kung Fu Master’s Take on Marvel’s Shang-Chi

In the backdrop of an ancient Chinese siheyuan courtyard (四合院), Shang-Chi, covered with bruises and wounds, punches the wooden stake with his bare knuckles. The camera zooms into his eyes,…
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January 13, 2022 in Features

When does the China Wolf Bite? 

The city of Anchorage is usually cold and snowy in March. But diplomatic talks between the U.S. and China, held in Anchorage, were fraught with fiery diplomatic tension. The first…
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