On the Road: Chinese RV Tourism in the U.S.

This growing trend of Chinese travelers taking RV road trips in the U.S. signals a shift in the Chinese traveling culture towards freedom, flexibility and exploration. 日益增长的中国游客自驾房车游玩美国一趋势反映出了中国现代旅游文化对自由、灵活性与探索的渴望.
December 6, 2016

Look Out Below: Parachute Kids Descend Upon the U.S.

Parachute kids, or international students from China or Taiwan who study alone in the U.S., have made headlines for their difficulties adjusting but rarely for their personal successes. 随着近年来赴美低龄留学势头骤增,这些来自中国或台湾的小国际生被形象的称为“降落伞孩子”。 他们往往要面临海外生活上的种种困难和挑战,而这些"降落伞孩子“的现状也成为了媒体热烈讨论的话题。这篇文章将带您走进”降落伞孩子“的生活,剖析低龄留学的是与非。
December 1, 2016

Opinion: Why China May Have Actually Won the Olympics

Although China traditionally touts its medal count as a sign of national strength, this year, the genuine attitudes and interactions of its athletes took the gold. 虽然传统上来说中国将其金牌总数作为国家实力的一个标志,但今年是运动员真诚的态度以及互动取得了金牌。
October 14, 2016

Culture Clash: Ethnic Unrest in Xinjiang

With anti-Islamic sentiment on the rise in China, what does the future hold for the country's Muslim population in Xinjiang? 随着反伊斯兰的情绪在中国逐渐升温,国内穆斯林人口在新疆的未来该何去何从?
September 19, 2016