Opinion: Why China May Have Actually Won the Olympics

Although China traditionally touts its medal count as a sign of national strength, this year, the genuine attitudes and interactions of its athletes took the gold. 虽然传统上来说中国将其金牌总数作为国家实力的一个标志,但今年是运动员真诚的态度以及互动取得了金牌。
October 14, 2016

Culture Clash: Ethnic Unrest in Xinjiang

With anti-Islamic sentiment on the rise in China, what does the future hold for the country's Muslim population in Xinjiang? 随着反伊斯兰的情绪在中国逐渐升温,国内穆斯林人口在新疆的未来该何去何从?
September 19, 2016

Voices: China Ends One-Child Policy

After 35 years, the Chinese government has ended its restrictive one-child policy, which has garnered mixed reactions on social media. 在此政策实行了35年之后,中国政府结束了独生子女计划。此举在社交网站引起了很多意见不同的反响。
October 30, 2015