Q&A With Robert Cain, President of Pacific Bridge Pictures

US-China Today chats with Robert Cain about Chinese ventures into the U.S. film market and factors behind why "Monster Hunt" was a flop stateside. 美中今日采访了甘敏中对中国进军美国电影行业的看法,以及导致“怪物狩猎”在美国市场失败的因素。
September 9, 2016

Q&A With Mei Fong, Author of One Child

Mei Fong's book, One Child, explores topics ranging from the nationwide gender imbalance to the emotional narratives of individual families who experienced the deep loss of their only child. 方凤美的书《独生子女》探究了范围从全国性的性别不平衡,到痛失唯一孩子的家庭感情强烈的叙述等广泛的主题。
May 9, 2016

Q&A With Thomas Lim, Director of Roulette City

US-China Today chatted with Thomas Lim to learn about his move from international actor to acclaimed director, the political climate in Macau and his plans for the future. 美中今日与林毅炜导演探讨了他从国际演员到著名导演的转变,澳门的政治环境,以及他对未来的计划。
May 5, 2016