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Peter Winter


China’s Big Gamble

The global economic slump has hit the casino industry hard. Macau, once the dream of Las Vegas operators, is reeling from the downturn. 全球经济萎靡不振,赌场业受到重创。中国澳门,这个拉斯维加斯赌场大亨们的下一站投资目标也摆脱不掉经济低迷的影响。 It was a sure bet. With…
March 3, 2009

Chinese Media on the Move

Chinese media outlets are going international, now with the money and means to counter misperceptions of the rising nation. But can this new ‘global media with Chinese characteristics’ compete with…
January 21, 2009

Igniting Nationalist Fires

'China Pride' swelled in the run up to the Olympics Games, but the Chinese government watches nervously as nationalist fires threaten to burn out of control. “中国人的自豪感”在2008年北京奥运会期间空前地高涨。中国政府对此密切关注,以防民族主义情绪过分高涨而失控。 The cheers were…
October 24, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame… In China

America's professional leagues are looking to attract Chinese fans. 美国职业体育联盟想方设法吸引中国球迷。 Snow covers the ground at Peking University while students hurry along trying to keep warm in the winter chill. With…
March 7, 2008


Text messages pass along more than just knock-knock jokes in China; to the displeasure of some leaders, they are also a popular way to express public opinion. 尽管政府并不乐意见到这样的情形,但短信已不仅仅是互相调侃的工具,它日益成为人们交流政治观点的平台。
November 9, 2007