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Jailed Dissident Liu Xiaobo To Receive Nobel Peace Prize

Serving an eleven-year sentence for subversion, the scholar-activist was recognized for his long and non-violent struggle for human rights. 在其十一年监禁期间,激进学者刘晓波的维权非暴力行为博得了全球社会的认同。 The Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu…
October 10, 2010

Zao An, Los Angeles!

News shows are shutting down left and right, but the Asian-language Los Angeles station LA18 thinks it's the perfect time to launch 'Power Breakfast', its new morning news program--entirely in…
March 6, 2009

A Note of Sympathy

We extend our heartfelt sympathies to the survivors of the May 12th Sichuan earthquake and to all those who lost loved ones. 美中今日谨此向512汶川大地震中的罹难者致以沉痛哀悼,向幸存者和失去亲人的中国同胞表示深切同情。 The character above is pronounced "ai" and…
June 20, 2008