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World’s Tallest Hotel Makes Its Mark in Hong Kong

Skyscraper-filled Hong Kong may not have the world’s tallest building, but with the opening of its new Ritz-Carlton, it now claims rights to the world’s tallest hotel. 高楼林立的香港虽然没有世界第一高楼,但它成功地博得了拥有世界第一高酒店Ritz-Carlton的荣誉。 Encompassing the…
June 14, 2011

Online Music: An Outlet for Innovation or Piracy?

More and more music is being downloaded and less music is being purchased in (physical) stores. Is the move to digital a healthy one? 中国网络音乐业日渐强盛,私人下载流量已逐渐超过唱片购买数。此现象对中国音乐业究究竟是福音,还是噩耗? China has long been a…
June 2, 2011

Honey and the City

One man has for over 20 years been raising bees in one of the world’s most densly packed cities – Hong Kong. 他只身一人,二十年如一日地担起了在高密度香港养蜜蜂的差事。 Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city, often…
May 26, 2011

The Tiger Mom Stalks Hong Kong

While the ‘Tiger Mom’ image is present in Hong Kong, alternative schooling options like the Gaia School show there is no ‘right’ way of parenting and education. 当虎妈的海报在香港大放光彩时,盖亚学院等教育企业指出家教及教育之多面不一性。 Sometime during…
May 24, 2011

Cross-Border Shopping: Fighting Against Inflation

Due to recent price increases in mainland China, more residents of border cities are choosing to purchase daily necessities in Hong Kong. 由于中国大陆物价飞涨,越来越多的大陆居民不惜越境前往香港购买日常用品。 Every Saturday morning, Sheung Shui, a town…
May 16, 2011