To mark China’s National Day, USCT provides a collection of opinions from students and professionals on what the next generation of CCP leadership will mean for their country.


As the presidential campaign heats up in the U.S., China is preparing for its own transition of power. In October 2012, President & General Secretary Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao will step down from their decade-long roles as the country’s top officials, making way for the 5th generation of Chinese Communist Party leadership. Most observers point to current Vice President Xi Jinping as Hu’s successor, while Vice Premier Li Keqiang is expected to take over Wen’s position. The new General Secretary will be named at the National Party Congress, and the Premier will be formally announced at the 18th National People’s Congress.

While the transition is a decidedly internal affair, the public does have a wide range of views on the topic. As part of our Voices series, USCT gathered opinions from students and professionals on what the leadership change will mean for China.

I think Both Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang have good qualities, all of us feel good currently. The younger generation should have a better sense than the last generation. They will probably focus more on people’s livelihood, China’s development and the implementation of law. They should and probably will satisfy the peasants. Their policies should benefit the peasants. I hope that they are better than what we have now. – Liu Sha, photographer/writer, Shanghai

I don’t think the new leaders will make any difference; they are the same as all bureaucrats. I don’t place much hope in them. The leadership shift has a limited impact on my life. – Luo Xuerong, university student, Shanghai

I don’t know much about the leaders of the next generation, but I think reform is a must. They can not keep on doing what they’ve been doing forever. However, there is a problem, that the government has a tight control over the military. We can be angry but we cannot talk. I think, if the government took more care of its people, we the people will protect and love it, but if they are against the people, there will be a day they fail. – Su Yi. University of Warwick graduate student, Coventry, Britain

The new leaders [will be] very good. I do have hope in the next generation of leaders. The way they design policies will design how my life works. It is very important. – Dai Junjie, university student, Shanghai

I don’t have hope for Xi, he is nothing but a bully. Policies [politics] in China don’t impact my life anyhow. – Jiang Yimeng, international student, Wisconsin

I don’t have any faith in the new leadership group. They won’t do anything new since their core principle is to keep society stable. There will be no breakthrough, therefore it is unrelated to my life. – Zhao, computer programmer

The focus for leaders of the next generation will be placed on social stability and people’s livelihood. They will, when the situation allows, better people’s lives in many ways including lowering the CPI, growing the job market and creating more freedom of speech. Everything will be centered on the maintenance of stability. I do have a positive view of the new leaders since our society will march forward no matter what. However, I do understand that policies will not affect residents directly. The peasants will, as they have been for thousands of years, live peacefully, easily, normally and lightly. I want to urge the next generation to be more active and get the people to remember you! – Gu, retired official, Shanghai

I don’t care much about the leaders of our country. I don’t place hope in them. I have to rely on myself. Leaders are just regular human beings. – Liusong, website editor, Shenyang

Well, it is what it is, I don’t have any comments, neither do I know what to hope for. I feel like their policies do not influence my life. – Xie Xun, unemployed, Zhangjiajie City

Leaders are good as long as they care about the will of the citizens; I don’t care about policies or what have you. Also, I don’t expect the next generation to be any better. Policies don’t affect my life whatsoever. –  Zhu Qianwei, university student, Shanghai

There are lots of things I can’t address, but one thing for sure is that the election system will be severely damaged if Xi becomes the next chairman of the Party. That being said, I do have hope for the next generation of leaders. Policies have a long-term impact, so it is hard to tell at this point. – Jin Yilun, university student, Shanghai

I don’t care about the next generation, all I want is to get Hu out of power. I am always disappointed in the Communist Party’s leadership. Their policies do not affect us, they only affect provincial and municipal bureaucrats. – Qian, business owner, Jiangmen City

Leaders are not pragmatic,They don’t do real things. They are all the same if they don’t solve the current problems of our society. I try not to place hope in the leaders since the higher I hope, the harder I fall and hurt myself. – Sun, recent college graduate, Guangzhou

I feel that the policies will remain the same since leaders are decided internally [within the Party], therefore their policies are consistent in many aspects. I think the Premier has a bigger impact on our life since he manages civil affairs. I don’t place much hope in the next generation, there is no surprise about them. – Xu Jie, Wenzhou University teacher, Wenzhou

I don’t expect them to do great things. I hope they will not make more mistakes. I don’t know whether our society will collapse, I only hope the peasants will be safe. – A Hao, artist, Shanghai

The Central Government will embrace, stabilize and continue the economy while reforming and developing the culture. They will focus on people’s livelihoods. Though China has many difficulties and more problems, I have a positive perspective since the trend for development in China is good. Government is reforming gradually in many aspects, even policy problems have had their breakthroughs. The citizenry’s power is growing while reforms of the political system are often mentioned. To manage a huge nation like China means complicated problems and many difficulties. Leaders must be wise. – Yu Rongjun, screenwriter, Shanghai

Original Chinese Responses

习近平和李克强的素质我们感觉都挺好,我们现在这边感觉都还可以。因为年轻一代一定比上一代各方面都好一点啊。 我觉得他们可能对民生方面啊,国家的发展和法制方面有所改善。他们应该会让老百姓更加满意吧。 法律的受益者应该是老百姓。希望他们比现在的做的更好。


下一届领导组很不错. 我对他们有很大希望, 同时政策对我的影响也很大,制度关系生活方式。

留学生,蒋一梦 威斯康星州阿普尔顿市
我觉得阿,习近平就是个霸气的流氓,我对他没有任何希望。 反正政策对我影响也不大。

我对新班子没有任何希望。政府的重心一向是维稳, 不会有突破;所以跟我的没有关系。

下一届领导人的方针,将会继续把维稳放在第一位,同时关注民生,在有可能的前提下,改善人民群众的生活。或许会侧重降低物价、增加就业、开放一点言论自由,一切均以维稳为限。 我对下一届领导和中国政治的未来是乐观的,因为社会总是进步的。 下一届的政策对我的日常生活不会有直接的影响,老百姓总是千百年来一如既往地过着平静、平庸、平常、平淡的日子。 对下一届领导人,我要说:拿点行动出来,让老百姓记着你们!


领导人能体恤民情就够了,其他方针政策什么的我也不在意。对于下一届我也没很大的期望。 反正政策对我没啥影响。

不管下一届怎么样, 只要胡锦涛下台就好。 对中共领导人我一直很失望。 政策跟我们没关系,对省长市长应该影响大一点。

要是习近平上来的话对选举体制将会很有影响,其他暂时无法评判。 我对下一届抱一定希望,我觉得制度对生活的影响较为深远,现在看不出到底怎么洋。

领导人不现实,不办实事。 他们若不解决现下的社会问题,谁当都一样。 我不想对他们有什么希望,期望越高,失望越大。

我觉得他们一般换领导人政策都是一致的,因为领导都是内部定掉了的,所以各方面政策应该挺一致的。 我觉得可能总理对我们的影响大一点吧,因为他切实的管理我们的问题。我对他们没有什么大的希望,没有什么惊奇的地方。

阿郜, 艺术家,上海


Owen Wang is a sophomore at the University of Southern California, majoring in International Relations/Global Business.