Techno-Orientalism: Then & Now

This video explores how pervasive Orientalist images and themes have been in American cultural productions over the past few decades. Known as techno-Orientalism, this phenomenon has drawn the attention of…
July 17, 2018

Ice Hockey Grows in Popularity in China

"Rink Rats Beijing" explores the growing number of Chinese youth playing ice hockey, despite it being traditionally popular in the West.尽管冰球一直以来是一项西方传统运动,但“北京冰球缘“发现在中国玩冰球的年轻人数量越来越多。
October 9, 2017

Infographic: China’s Tampon Taboo

An infographic comparing US-China menstruation habits, and breaking down the economic and social factors that influence how Chinese women perceive tampon use.这张图表比较了中美女性面临例假的不同习惯,重点解读中国女性在经济和社会因素影响下对待卫生棉条使用的心理和态度。
July 7, 2017

U.S.-China Film Frenzy

The Asia Society's U.S.-China Film Summit is a hotbed of international film collaboration—both for those in the industry and those hoping for a piece of the pie.亚洲协会主办的中美电影峰会致力于帮助国际电影合作增长,为电影业界人士及寻求参与的爱好者提供了有力平台。
January 9, 2017