This video explores how pervasive Orientalist images and themes have been in American cultural productions over the past few decades. Known as techno-Orientalism, this phenomenon has drawn the attention of many cultural critics. Composed of clips from movies like Blade Runner and Star Wars and interviews with a scholar, a cultural blogger, and a playwright whose works engage with this topic, the video touches on the problems and hopes of techno-Orientalism.

本视频描绘了东方主义的形象和主题是如何在过去的几十年中遍布美国文化作品。科技东方主义这一现象引起了很多文化批判家的注意。 通过银翼杀手和星球大战的短片,及对相关的学者采访,本视频谈及了科技东方主义面临的问题和其前景。