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Jasmine Ako


Unraveling Plagiarism in China

Prominent cases of plagiarism by students and previously respected academics have tainted China’s image. Why is the phenomenon so rampant? What are plagiarism’s underlying causes, and is there a way…
March 28, 2011

Book Review: Superfusion

In Superfusion, Zachary Karabell argues that the U.S. and China share a common economy and the challenge now is to strengthen our relationship. Zachary Karabell在他的新书 Superfusion里面表示美国与中国共享着同一个经济市场,而现在两国面临的挑战是如何巩固两国的关系。 Even closet-dwellers couldn’t have…
February 19, 2010

Buying “Made in China”

The "Made in China" label has been rocked by product safety scandals and quality concerns. Who is most affected and how do companies respond when their brand name is on…
November 30, 2009