Barack Obama


Obama’s Darfur Conundrum

Will the new president focus on the Sudanese government’s actions in the region? Will China’s ties to the Khartoum government affect its relations with the U.S.? 奥巴马上任后会集中注意力在苏丹政府区域性事务上的所作所为上么?而中国政府与苏丹政府的关系又将如何影响到中美关系? “In Kenya, a…
December 22, 2008

Clinton, McCain and Obama Take Stances on China

Healthcare, the economy, and Iraq have received large amounts of attention in the presidential campaigns, but what about America's relationship with China? 医疗保险、经济发展和伊拉克战争成为美国大选的热门话题。在今年大选中,中美关系又将如何被解读? Though the American media is full of…
March 7, 2008