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Anthony Marra


Book Review: Living a New Language

Acclaimed Chinese author Ha Jin draws on his own experience as an immigrant in his first novel set primarily in America. 著名旅美华人作家哈金(原名:金雪飞)根据自己作为移民的亲身经历,撰写完成了他的第一部主要以美国为背景取材的小说。 Ha Jin (Jin Xuefei) has gradually moved westward…
June 20, 2008

Clinton, McCain and Obama Take Stances on China

Healthcare, the economy, and Iraq have received large amounts of attention in the presidential campaigns, but what about America's relationship with China? 医疗保险、经济发展和伊拉克战争成为美国大选的热门话题。在今年大选中,中美关系又将如何被解读? Though the American media is full of…
March 7, 2008