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Ice Hockey Grows in Popularity in China

"Rink Rats Beijing" explores the growing number of Chinese youth playing ice hockey, despite it being traditionally popular in the West.尽管冰球一直以来是一项西方传统运动,但“北京冰球缘“发现在中国玩冰球的年轻人数量越来越多。
October 9, 2017

Commentary: Sports and U.S.-China Relations

Anthropologist Gene Cooper discusses how sports has and can continue to serve as a bridge across political boundaries. 从乒乓外交开始至今,体育运动就一直是中美两国政治文化交流上的桥梁. I am an avid sports fan, and follow Trojan football with…
March 7, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame… In China

America's professional leagues are looking to attract Chinese fans. 美国职业体育联盟想方设法吸引中国球迷。 Snow covers the ground at Peking University while students hurry along trying to keep warm in the winter chill. With…
March 7, 2008