chinese immigrants


Update: Coming to America

The face of Chinese immigration to the U.S. has changed over the past few decades, and continues to change as more arrive every day. 中国人移民美国的情况在过去几十年中发生了许多变化。随着越来越多的中国人离开故土,来到美国,情况仍在不断变化。 In February 2009, the U.S.…
March 6, 2009

Dual Names, Dual Identities

The growing trend of Chinese taking English names presents challenges to their Chinese identity. 越来越多的中国人开始使用英文名,这对他们的中国身份认同感带来了挑战。 When it comes to choosing an English name, many Chinese are no longer choosing common…
June 20, 2008