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On the Road: Chinese RV Tourism in the U.S.

This growing trend of Chinese travelers taking RV road trips in the U.S. signals a shift in the Chinese traveling culture towards freedom, flexibility and exploration. 日益增长的中国游客自驾房车游玩美国一趋势反映出了中国现代旅游文化对自由、灵活性与探索的渴望.
December 6, 2016

Chinese Outbound Tourism Soars

China's growing middle class wants to see the world and governments are agreeing to make it easier -- to the delight of the travel industry. 在中国,随着越来越多的中产阶级对于出国旅行的渴望, 政府同意放宽出境游的政策。这无异于是对旅游业的一剂强心剂。 The majority of…
August 11, 2008