the great wall


Q&A with Sally Yeh on “The Great Wall” Film

US-China Today spoke with Beijing-based producer Sally Yeh about the recent film, "The Great Wall," and the reaction of audiences to its controversial casting choices. 美中日报采访了一位现住北京的电影制作人,Sally Yeh,关于刚上映的电影《长城》和观众反应对于有争议的角色分配。
March 10, 2017

Skateboarding with Chinese Characteristics

As extreme sports emerge in China, skateboarding leads the way. 极限运动在中国逐渐兴起,滑板运动最受关注。 Forget soybeans, aircrafts, and pharmaceuticals. Popular culture is America's most influential export. However, with the careful level of scrutiny…
June 20, 2008