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Catherine Wang


Infographic: China’s Tampon Taboo

An infographic comparing US-China menstruation habits, and breaking down the economic and social factors that influence how Chinese women perceive tampon use.这张图表比较了中美女性面临例假的不同习惯,重点解读中国女性在经济和社会因素影响下对待卫生棉条使用的心理和态度。
July 7, 2017

An Interview With Bill Whitaker of 60 Minutes

US-China Today sat down with Bill Whitaker to learn about his time as a CBS News correspondent in Asia, including covering the Tiananmen Square protests.美中今日与Bill Whitaker坐下详谈并向他了解其作为CBS新闻记者在亚洲时的经历,其中包括关于天安门事件的报道。
April 13, 2016