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Jonathan Hwang


Expo 2010 Shanghai: A Primer

A guide to Expo 2010 Shanghai, an event that marks China's ascent to the top of the global stage. 2010上海世界博览会简介。世博会标志着上海跻身国际一流大都市的行列。 The euphoria of the Beijing Olympics is long gone, but…
May 6, 2010

A Hand Up: Microfinance in China

Microfinance is helping people escape poverty across the developing world. Are China’s would-be entrepreneurs getting the same help? 在发展中国家,小额资金贷款项目帮助许多人摆脱贫困。在中国,未来的企业家们得到了这样的贷款帮助么? Thirteen cows and counting. Yes, Siqinggaowa’s dairy business has really taken…
March 6, 2009