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Su Zhan


The Controversial Story of the ‘Hermit of Peking’

Long misunderstood and misrepresented, the life of an early 20th century Sinologist and polyglot is given some clarity with a recent publication of the man’s memoirs. 一直以来被历史忽视扭曲的一位20世纪早期中国学家及语言家的记忆录得以重见天日;澄清了“北京隐士”特殊的一生。 He was a…
July 14, 2011

Cross-Border Shopping: Fighting Against Inflation

Due to recent price increases in mainland China, more residents of border cities are choosing to purchase daily necessities in Hong Kong. 由于中国大陆物价飞涨,越来越多的大陆居民不惜越境前往香港购买日常用品。 Every Saturday morning, Sheung Shui, a town…
May 16, 2011