2008 Olympics


The Olympic Glow Gives Way to Economic Worries

Chinese planners hoped for an economic boost from the Olympic Games. But with the worldwide downturn, things are moving in the opposite direction. 中国政府本来计划通过举办2008年北京奥运会来给中国的经济打一剂强心针,但是随着全球经济衰退,中国经济也受到了奥运会的负面影响。 A ticket to the 2008 Olympic…
December 22, 2008

Igniting Nationalist Fires

'China Pride' swelled in the run up to the Olympics Games, but the Chinese government watches nervously as nationalist fires threaten to burn out of control. “中国人的自豪感”在2008年北京奥运会期间空前地高涨。中国政府对此密切关注,以防民族主义情绪过分高涨而失控。 The cheers were…
October 24, 2008

Commentary: Sports and U.S.-China Relations

Anthropologist Gene Cooper discusses how sports has and can continue to serve as a bridge across political boundaries. 从乒乓外交开始至今,体育运动就一直是中美两国政治文化交流上的桥梁. I am an avid sports fan, and follow Trojan football with…
March 7, 2008