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Lucas Rubio


China, Thank You For Smoking

China is becoming a battleground between the tobacco industry and growing health concerns. Some scholars think they've found the solution, but others think that cigarettes are too ingrained in Chinese…
March 6, 2009

The Olympic Glow Gives Way to Economic Worries

Chinese planners hoped for an economic boost from the Olympic Games. But with the worldwide downturn, things are moving in the opposite direction. 中国政府本来计划通过举办2008年北京奥运会来给中国的经济打一剂强心针,但是随着全球经济衰退,中国经济也受到了奥运会的负面影响。 A ticket to the 2008 Olympic…
December 22, 2008

The Chinese are Buying, Should We be Selling?

The Chinese government's sovereign wealth funds, like those of oil-rich states, make some American officials, scholars, and investors nervous. Are these worries justified? 如同世界上石油储量丰富的国家一样,中国政府的主权财富基金让一些美国官员、学者和投资人感到担忧。然而这种担忧是必要的么? What would you do with $200…
October 24, 2008

Have You Seen Me Yet?

With the Beijing Games attracting unprecedented global audiences, marketeers are offering clever television ads and chasing web surfers. 随着大量的国际游客涌入北京观看奥运会,商家们也借此良机推出了一系列创意十足的电视和网络广告来吸引消费者。 Before 1984, the five-ring logo of the Olympic Games wasn't seen…
August 11, 2008