china outbound tourism


Purchasing Power with Passports

With easing travel restrictions and growing spending power, American politicians and businesspeople look to the increasing number of Chinese travelers to speed economic recovery. 日渐减少的旅游障碍,增加的消费力给美国政治家和商人带来了越来越多的中国旅客,以加速经济恢复。

China’s Elderly Masses

China's citizens are getting older, and with decades of managed population growth, the family support system is weak. What is being done to provide security for hundreds of millions of…
March 1, 2010

Chinese Outbound Tourism Soars

China's growing middle class wants to see the world and governments are agreeing to make it easier -- to the delight of the travel industry. 在中国,随着越来越多的中产阶级对于出国旅行的渴望, 政府同意放宽出境游的政策。这无异于是对旅游业的一剂强心剂。 The majority of…
August 11, 2008