economic downturn


2009 Graduating Class Struggle

For centuries in China, advanced education guaranteed most secure jobs and good incomes. With the slowing economy, growing numbers of college grads are finding it hard to get jobs. 在中国几个世纪的历史中,受到高等教育的人往往能够保证稳定且高收入的工作。然而,随着经济增长速度放缓,大学生找工作也变得越来越难。…
March 6, 2009

China’s Big Gamble

The global economic slump has hit the casino industry hard. Macau, once the dream of Las Vegas operators, is reeling from the downturn. 全球经济萎靡不振,赌场业受到重创。中国澳门,这个拉斯维加斯赌场大亨们的下一站投资目标也摆脱不掉经济低迷的影响。 It was a sure bet. With…
March 3, 2009