Pulling Up the Welcome Mat: America is becoming a less welcoming place for many Chinese nationals

从2016年总统大选以来,美国总统特朗普关于移民的强硬态度一直颇有争议。尽管墨西哥是他最严厉针对的对象,但特朗普总统对中国移民的打击力度近期持续加强。 U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial positions on immigration have been making headlines since he announced his candidacy in 2016. While his harshest rhetoric has been directed against Mexico, the…
December 17, 2018

Chungking Mansions Uncovered

The Chungking Mansions has improved its image to serve as a chaotic cultural center of Hong Kong. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 被誉为香港民间文化中心的重庆大厦翻新了其旧貌,焕然一新地面对大众-对社会申明了其驻扎香港的明确决心。 For people seeking curry and…
May 25, 2011