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Q&A with Eric Priest on Chinese Music Industry Investment

We spoke with Eric Priest, an expert in international copyright law, to understand the streaming market and current Chinese investment in domestic and international music. 美中今日邀请到了俄勒冈大学法学院的Eric Priest教授为我们介绍流媒体市场现状以及中国在国内外音乐产业的投资状况。
July 25, 2017

Online Music: An Outlet for Innovation or Piracy?

More and more music is being downloaded and less music is being purchased in (physical) stores. Is the move to digital a healthy one? 中国网络音乐业日渐强盛,私人下载流量已逐渐超过唱片购买数。此现象对中国音乐业究究竟是福音,还是噩耗? China has long been a…
June 2, 2011