The Evolution of an Ethnoburb

One Chinese-owned hotel is a microcosm of change in the San Gabriel Valley. 一个华人酒店成为圣盖博谷演变的缩影 。 The Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel sticks out among the local shops, restaurants, Asian food…
November 6, 2018

Purchasing Power with Passports

With easing travel restrictions and growing spending power, American politicians and businesspeople look to the increasing number of Chinese travelers to speed economic recovery. 日渐减少的旅游障碍,增加的消费力给美国政治家和商人带来了越来越多的中国旅客,以加速经济恢复。

Another Day in Paradise

Tourism is booming in Yunnan as marketers sell the idea of Shangri-la; some worry the cost to local culture and the environment is too high. 随着香格里拉概念的推广,云南旅游业越来越兴旺。人们开始担心当地文化和环境为此付出的代价。 Globalization and China’s rapid…