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Distant Water, Immediate Thirst

China’s economic development may be limited by the country’s dwindling supply of clean water, a problem exacerbated by overdevelopment, pollution, and a growing population. 由过渡开采,污染和人口膨胀而致稀缺的净水资源或限制了中国经济的发展。
December 15, 2011

Infographic: Coal Mining in China

China accounts for 47% of global coal consumption while its coal industry is responsible for 80% of miner deaths worldwide. 中国煤能源消费量占世界的47%,煤矿事故死亡人数占世界的80%。
October 25, 2011

China Goes Green?

China's environmental challenges are staggering. New efforts may help improve the state of its air, water and land, but will they be enough? 中国的环境问题非常令人担忧。政府和人民费劲努力希望可以改善空气质量和水质,解决与土地相关的一系列环境问题,但是这些努力足以改善中国整体的环境质量么? Desperate for blue skies during the…
March 6, 2009