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Q&A with Joe Chien on China’s Horror Movie Genre

US-China Today spoke with Taiwanese director and screenwriter Joe Chien about the horror movie genre in China, and the influence of censorship on the production of horror films.  美中今日就中国的恐怖类影片,以及审批制度对恐怖片制作造成的影响采访了台湾导演兼编剧 Joe…
September 10, 2018

Q&A with Sally Yeh on “The Great Wall” Film

US-China Today spoke with Beijing-based producer Sally Yeh about the recent film, "The Great Wall," and the reaction of audiences to its controversial casting choices. 美中日报采访了一位现住北京的电影制作人,Sally Yeh,关于刚上映的电影《长城》和观众反应对于有争议的角色分配。
March 10, 2017

U.S.-China Film Frenzy

The Asia Society's U.S.-China Film Summit is a hotbed of international film collaboration—both for those in the industry and those hoping for a piece of the pie.亚洲协会主办的中美电影峰会致力于帮助国际电影合作增长,为电影业界人士及寻求参与的爱好者提供了有力平台。
January 9, 2017

Q&A With Robert Cain, President of Pacific Bridge Pictures

US-China Today chats with Robert Cain about Chinese ventures into the U.S. film market and factors behind why "Monster Hunt" was a flop stateside. 美中今日采访了甘敏中对中国进军美国电影行业的看法,以及导致“怪物狩猎”在美国市场失败的因素。
September 9, 2016