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Jailed Dissident Liu Xiaobo To Receive Nobel Peace Prize

Serving an eleven-year sentence for subversion, the scholar-activist was recognized for his long and non-violent struggle for human rights. 在其十一年监禁期间,激进学者刘晓波的维权非暴力行为博得了全球社会的认同。 The Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu…
October 10, 2010

Homosexuality in China

In China, where tradition reigns, homosexuality is no longer taboo. What is the view from those living in the country? 在传统思想主导的中国,同性恋已不再成为一个禁忌的话题。现在生活在中国境内的同性恋人群对这一现象又有什么看法呢? Hong Kong native Joe Lam knew he was different.…
March 10, 2010

Working Conditions in China Draw Scrutiny

The state of working conditions has long drawn ire from Western countries, but change is in the works. 中国工厂的工作环境一直以来都是西方国家指责中国的一个焦点。在奥运前夕,中国政府将采取一些列措施 改善中国工厂的工作环境。 Though much of the world's attention has been directed towards…
March 7, 2008