Sichuan earthquake


Life After 5/12: A Volunteer’s Experience in Sichuan

A staff member spent part of his summer vacation volunteering in Sichuan after the earthquake and recounts his experience. 5.12地震过后,美中今日的记者利用暑假的时间赶赴四川做志愿者,并讲述他的亲身经历。 This past July, along with a group of church volunteers…
October 24, 2008

Horrific Devastation Results in Temporary Loosening of Media Controls

Chaotic conditions following the May earthquake in Sichuan allowed reporters unprecedented freedom in China, leading to increased visibility and massive donations. 五月份汶川地震之后,满目疮痍。到达灾区的记者们获得了空前的报道自由,进而促进了世界对于灾区的关注程度和募捐数量。 Amidst a pile of rubble that was once…
August 11, 2008

A Note of Sympathy

We extend our heartfelt sympathies to the survivors of the May 12th Sichuan earthquake and to all those who lost loved ones. 美中今日谨此向512汶川大地震中的罹难者致以沉痛哀悼,向幸存者和失去亲人的中国同胞表示深切同情。 The character above is pronounced "ai" and…
June 20, 2008