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Nancy Chen


Mobilizing Confucius

Confucius Classroom, a program from the Chinese government aimed at teaching high school students Chinese culture and language, is expanding rapidly around the world. At first glance, St. Mary’s School…
July 31, 2009

Beauty in the Eye of the Double-Lidded Beholder

As China grows and changes, ideas of beauty also do as well. Today, the increasing visibility of China has caused women to reassess their looks. 中国在不停地变化和发展,对于什么是美的观念也在不停演变。如今,中国在国际上所受到的越来越多的关注使得中国女性对于美丽也有了新的理解和追求。 Beauty, so the saying…
October 24, 2008

Chinese Musical Hybrid is Winning Fans

Highly polished (and now often imitated) 12 Girls Band is selling out venues across North America. 耀眼夺目的“女子12乐坊” 在北美各地的演唱会门票热卖。这个由13位独具风采的少女所组成的乐团现在成为许多新人模仿的对象。 Benjamin Chen is a difficult person to get hold of. Rushing from…
November 9, 2007