California-China Collaboration in the Battle against Climate Change: Q&A with Fan Dai

美中今日对话加州-中国气候研究院院长戴凡博士,探讨中国在国际气候变化合作中的职责以及国内能源结构性改革的现状,挑战与未来。 Dr. Fan Dai, who organized a successful meeting between California's Gov. Jerry Brown and President Xi Jinping that established the California-China Climate Institute. China has an enormous impact on…
November 25, 2019

Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Poor water quality and serious corruption have created health problems and shortages of safe drinking water throughout China. 在中国,水质差和严重腐败已经威胁到人们的健康,并且导致安全的饮用水资源不足。 By Caijing Magazine staff writers YANG BINBIN and CHANG HONGXIAO with US-China Today staff writer…
November 9, 2007