Look Out Below: Parachute Kids Descend Upon the U.S.

Parachute kids, or international students from China or Taiwan who study alone in the U.S., have made headlines for their difficulties adjusting but rarely for their personal successes. 随着近年来赴美低龄留学势头骤增,这些来自中国或台湾的小国际生被形象的称为“降落伞孩子”。 他们往往要面临海外生活上的种种困难和挑战,而这些"降落伞孩子“的现状也成为了媒体热烈讨论的话题。这篇文章将带您走进”降落伞孩子“的生活,剖析低龄留学的是与非。
December 1, 2016

The Gao Kao Gamble

Growing debate surrounds whether the Gao Kao examination should largely determine one's eligibility for higher education in China. 高考的漏洞和问题引发了人们的探讨-以一次考试来定义学生是否适合受高等教育的系统究竟适合中国吗?
September 23, 2011

Unraveling Plagiarism in China

Prominent cases of plagiarism by students and previously respected academics have tainted China’s image. Why is the phenomenon so rampant? What are plagiarism’s underlying causes, and is there a way…
March 28, 2011

Chinese Students Pour into the United States

Why are more students coming? What are the implications of this trend? 是什么导致了中国留美学生潮?这个潮流又代表了什么? For the first time, China now sends more students overseas than any other country in the world. According…
November 18, 2010

2009 Graduating Class Struggle

For centuries in China, advanced education guaranteed most secure jobs and good incomes. With the slowing economy, growing numbers of college grads are finding it hard to get jobs. 在中国几个世纪的历史中,受到高等教育的人往往能够保证稳定且高收入的工作。然而,随着经济增长速度放缓,大学生找工作也变得越来越难。…
March 6, 2009

China’s International Schools are Growing

Parents want high-quality instruction and the best schools are lifting neighborhood property values. 家长们看重的是国际学校高质量的教育水平,而热门国际学校在发展的同时也助 推了周边楼盘的房价。 Christiana Lilly is not your typical American girl. As the daughter of a diplomat, her…
March 7, 2008