The Growth of Chinese Science Fiction: Q&A with Mingwei Song

Dr. Mingwei Song, Associate Professor of Chinese at Wellesley College, talks with US-China Today about The Wandering Earth and Chinese science fiction. 卫斯理学院东亚语言文化系副教授宋明炜教授,就中国科幻电影的发展与美中今日分享心得。 What many people may not know is…
April 15, 2019

Masculinity in Chinese Entertainment: A Q&A with Geng Song

与博士宋耕就中国娱乐界中的硬汉形象进行对话 US-China Today spoke with Dr. Geng Song about changing ideas of masculinity in East Asia and implications for China’s soft power. 中美今日就东亚对男子气概一词意义的改变及其对中国小鲜肉现象的影响与博士宋耕进行对话 In September 2018, social and news media…
January 28, 2019

Q&A with Philip Wang on Asian-American Media

US-China Today spoke with Wong Fu Productions co-Founder Philip Wang to understand the progress achieved — and objectives yet to be overcome — for Asian-American media representation. 中美今日与Wong Fu Productions的合作创始人Philip…
November 7, 2018

Q&A with Joe Chien on China’s Horror Movie Genre

US-China Today spoke with Taiwanese director and screenwriter Joe Chien about the horror movie genre in China, and the influence of censorship on the production of horror films.  美中今日就中国的恐怖类影片,以及审批制度对恐怖片制作造成的影响采访了台湾导演兼编剧 Joe…
September 10, 2018