photo series


Photo Series: Mao in Pop Culture

From market tents to Manhattan galleries, representations of Mao Zedong spring up throughout global pop culture.从集市画展到曼哈顿画廊,毛泽东的形象不断地被流行文化重新定义。
January 10, 2012

The China Lens: Mick Ryan

As part of our interview series with photographers in China, Mick Ryan details his work as a commercial photographer in Shanghai.在本期对摄影师的采访中,Mick Ryan将深入讲述其在上海的商业摄影师生涯。
December 13, 2011

Photo Series: China’s Park Life

City parks teem with energy across China, offering a social space for the country's young and old. Photographer Francisco Little takes us through the scenes of Beijing's park life.中国各大城市内的公园充满了生机,为年轻人和老年人提供了社交环境。摄影师Francisco Little…
September 16, 2011

Shanghai Street Stories

Photographer Sue Anne Tay takes us through Shanghai's rapid transformation as the city prepares for the 2010 World Expo.摄影师Sue Anne Tay带着我们一起用镜头记录上海为2010世博的准备过程中所经历的快速转变。
April 21, 2010